I blabber about …

Lets have a look at the word cloud for this random messy place. I am surprised to know that i blog most about “blog” and i “know” a lot too!!!

Courtesy: Wordle


ron says:

Hi Amit!

Just stopped by to say Hi!

Hey…I REALLY like your word cloud.

I’ve seen this on several blogs I visit and it look so cool.

I need to check out!

How’s the new blog going?

Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

Amit says:

Hey Ron, Thanks a lot for the comment.

BTW wordle does indeed let us know what we blabber about. Nice and clean way afterall.

And yeah, the new blogsite is going cool. I am in a teaser phase. Sending first look links here n there. Can find few on this one itself. SEO’s. Contents. Looks. Lots of work still to be done … 🙂

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