by Amit Gawande

I came across this opinion from Jack Baty about static sites and I completely agree with him.

[P]ublishing a static site is like sending a document to a printer. I have to make sure everything is connected, that there’s paper in the machine, and then wait for the job to finish before seeing the output. If something needs editing, and something always needs editing, the whole process starts over.

There was a time when I enjoyed building my site with Hugo, but I never got comfortable with the writing flow then. Once I got tired and moved away, I’d made up my mind that I won’t ever sign up for a static site for my blog again. I firmly believe that blogs aren’t the right candidates for static site generators.

Blogging platforms need to be light, free - something that static site generators, with the way they are setup, can never be. Jack’s got just the right metaphor to express my thoughts. Writing does feel like priting a document with static sites.