The sixth issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard newsletter is out today. It features a few essays that depict what libraries mean to a few writers and what, according to them, they should mean to everyone else. A mix of prominent personalities out to corroborate, with their powerful words, the significance of library, and how a library is many things — now that’s something I wouldn’t want to miss.

So, do give it a read online. If what you read interests you, do subscribe. If you are already subscribed and have been enjoying the issues, please forward them to your friends.


cm says:

@amit Great issue (once again) the thoughts you shared on Libraries made me think of – Have you seen this before? I’d love to see this in every library on the globe.

amit says:

@cm Thank you, Chad. I am so glad you enjoyed the issue (and have been enjoying them till now). Your comments matter a lot.

The Dynamic land project looks fascinating – I hadn’t seen that earlier. I think we would dearly need libraries, and especially such projects, soon to remind ourself of our humanness. We are being wired to isolate ourselves in our digital world.

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