Blank… Thats how i have been for almost a week now. Truly speaking work apart, life’s really following a pattern. ‘Pattern’ itself is trying to poke its head out of the blogged mind, but will somehow prevent it from doing so for a bit.

This post of mine is more of a “puch” to my blog. It has been throwing the same faces at me for more than a week now. It looked totally rusted, highly demanding a post. So thought lemme push down what i have been doing for a while. So the pattern goes something like this…

  • Come to office : Is it really a step?? Though the efforts required does make it one.
  • Check mails : Doesn’t matter even if i did it just before i left for office. Thats how work dawns at me
  • Remain updated with my social contacts : Name sounds big. In simple words, i look at my un-updated profile again searching for new updates. Even a look at lame updates from friends would do
  • Get coffee : Dude, it draws one fresh. Makes me totally ready for work
  • Start Working and keep working : Works always there boss. But all work can make one a turtle head in an office. So simultaneous tasks include keeping an eye on notifications from Outlook, Gtalk, feed readers, communicator, fellow workers and “hope they were my fellow workers” types. By the way, a basic click continues. Check mails and social networks!!!
  • Lunch : Have to take it boss. Can’t jump over it. I can give my 100% only when my tummy stays 100%.
  • Scribble about everything : “Why just aloo/paneer?” “Need a small nap yaar!!” “Boss i shouldn’t have filled my tummy 100%. It really makes work difficult!!! [paradox???]” “Oh wow.. Man I never get a chance to praise beauty. Is it me who choices the wrong places to fall in or its just my luck that throws me in??? [Men will be men 😉]” And when i do think this is getting too out of work context, only the scribble context change “Tomcat sucks big time man!!!” “Eclipse slows like damn dude” “Uhhh my system needs a dose buddy!!” And as this continues …
  • Get Coffee : One has to get fed up. Nothing works in noon. Coffee has to make me fresh
  • Start Working and keep working : Work again. And stays the simultaneous threads. Just that an another thread with look at the clock gets added. And as EOD arrives…
  • Check mails and Social Networks : I do it only twice. Once in the morning and again in the evening. Anyways no one mails. So why waste time checking mails. (An inner thought cries “Uhh still no mails.. no scraps”)
  • Leave Office: I have a common statement to end my day daily “Today’s was the worst day mate. Nothing worked yaar!!!” Scribbling continues….
And as i end this post, an instant thought strikes. Does any software engineer spends a routine even an inch different than this one? Out comes the answer, obviously yes. Afterall every software engineer has new scribbles to scribble and new notification to look at. Also not everyone drinks coffee ….

[PS: Though the above mentioned steps seem bulky, but they hardly take 5 % of my working time. Reasons are simple. I hardly get any checkable mails or replyable scraps or readable feeds. Moreover work does succeed to pull me in]

By the way, follows a nice video on juggling. It does provide another work synchronized thread, a look at “Buffering …”


Nearly-Headless Nike says:

excellent post buddy.
very terse and authentic

Anonymous says:

hm….. vahi to life hai yar…. 🙂

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