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Since October of 2005 when I started writing on web, there are 3 posts previously published on August 5th.


Black coffee or a green tea – what would sit next to me as I get started on my next project? Uhmm … nah. Got to be the good old regular chai! ✍🏽


To anyone using Business G Suite just make sure that you’ve “downgrade” instead of cancelling your subscription. (…) To Google, I lost trust in your service. Google’s customer care horror stories just don’t die.
Upgrading Lab to Home Updated: 05-Aug 15:15 I am seriously considering the option to make this blot blog as my primary site. I do not want to take decision in haste. So here I am jotting down the things I will have to sort out before the switch. This would be a rolling list. Moving all the old posts […]

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