I’m warming up to the idea of providing a daily/weekly digest of my posts to be delivered via email. I don’t want to undertake a huge project. I would prefer free options till I get comfortable. It should be a simple solution - RSS + email delivery, someway - right?

Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?

I love my breakfasts a lot more than any other meals in the day. I can bear a delayed lunch or a skipped dinner - but don’t you dare alter my breakfast routine.

Stoop has to be one of the very apps that works far better on Android than on iOS. The later lags, stutters, doesn’t register taps and swipes often. The former also does all this, but comparatively less.

A few guilty pleasures

1. A bowl of hot instant noodles

2. An hour of reaction videos on YouTube

3. A pack of Lays late at night

4. That episode from Seinfeld or Friends

5. Idling away morning hours in the bed

6. That planned "sick" leave

7. Right Click and Inspect Element (Q) on random sites

8. Cheap, unnecessary online buys

9. Binge-watch session on Weekdays

...and that one simple pleasure - a calming head massage with warm coconut oil.