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Switching Lives (Repost)

Prologue: I have been working on quite a lot of posts recently but could not finish them and bring them to any bloggable format. So finally decided I should repost some old post. Here goes one such post.

Yesterday i had quite a random dream. Random indeed it was. For the most part of it i was pretty happy about what i was experiencing. And suddenly i went blank. I would say the dream went blank. Making me befuddled. Completely perplexed. Full of queries, queries for myself to answer. But before i get into the dream itself, let me blabber my views on dreams in general.

Dreams are angels. Yes, they have the power to make you experience the bests and worsts of your life at the same time. Indeed we experience the dreams, not just see them. How else can you explain your turning, jumping, twisting, crawling, grawling in the sleep. We are experiencing the event, the dream. I myself have woken up thanking god for turning whatever i experienced into a dream. And then there are those times when i just put myself to sleep again, just to experience what remained incomplete, unexperienced.

Further, the dreams are mutable portkeys. I feel i change lives in dreams. Butterfly effect you can say. But there one can decide if he wants to change his life. Here i don’t. It all depends on my other self, the dreaming threaded me. If he wants me there, i go. Otherwise i just lay here, wake up and continue.

Details. Two threads, if dreaming together, show how the life each is experiencing. We exchange both the positives and negatives. Yes, if you notice, each dream comprises of both goods and bads. We experience some scenes of that life, both happened and yet to happen. Yucks and Wows. If both agree to switch, we switch.

Now you see this concept explains a lot of usualities. Take Deja Vu. Yes indeed it is that ‘yet-to-happen’ scene of the life. We experienced it in the dream before we made the shift. Those jerky wake ups. May be the other self just slapped me for spending such sucking life. Or may be i did it to him for his sucking life. Roaming with unknowns. Yes, you don’t afterall expect two me’s having the same set of friends. Those long nights can be the result of just a mismatch between timings of two threads. Same goes for the short nights.

I will stop. Remove your thinking caps and plunge into the dreamland with the view. You might find quite a few interesting answers.

Anyways back to my dream i dreamed yesterday. I dreamed i was a singer, i was singing well. (Ok, i never said the other me has to be “me”ish. He can indeed me quite contradictory to who i am right?) Audience were happy. I saw my struggle. I saw my first assignment. I was watching myself happy. I watched all the happy me’s. Nothing bad. No yucks. And suddenly it was blank. I don’t remember something like this happening earlier. The dreams changed. The places changed. I woke up suddenly. But it never happened that the dream turned blank, with me facing eternity full of whiteness.

Puzzled, I lay there, closed eyed and open minded, waiting for something to happen. But all in vain. Blank. Whiteness everywhere. Finally i woke up and tottered my way along … With mind full of questions. Unanswered question.

Is ignoring climate change a risk worth taking?

He gets up in the morning and sees sun rising at him through the small slit, left open at the window by curtains. It is that soothing early morning which he has always savored. He crawls out of his bed and takes a warm shower. He gets all tidied up with a desire to embrace the pleasing spring morning. He puts his foot outside and starts his walk towards the office.

Hardly does he walk hundred meters, dark clouds start gathering the sky. He looks at the sun and loses him among the clouds.  The spring morning is ruined by the darkness of the clouds hovering above. They roar and kill the sweet chirping noise of the birds and burst into a heavy uncalled and untimely rain suddenly.

Now the situation above is not just a one off incident.  It is not the roaring clouds or the rain that bothers me. It is the untimely fashion one faces them. Any living person can personify the “he” described above.

Have many times will I lure days in and out just for a moist rainy morning only to end up to be greeted by scorching heat?

How many times will I leave the house to spend a pleasant summer weekend at the beach with family or friends only to end up sipping sodas in a closed car peeking at the pouring rain?

Why should I always carry the sunscreen lotion and the umbrella with me irrespective of which season it is?

As an Indian, I was blessed with distinguished 3 seasons. But these days everything has changed. Winters aren’t chilly. Summers have intermittent burst of clouds. Rainy seasons have hardly 30 days of rain. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that summers have more rains now than actual rainy seasons.

I don’t know if this is actually a result of Global Warming phenomenon. I don’t know if this is really a effect of greenhouse gases. There are facts and figures which say they are. Then there are those who say this is just a cyclic effect. This does happen in centuries where climate behavior repeats itself.

For me what matters is what I see and I can guarantee something is for sure not normal. I am tired of watching farmers committing suicides because the climate does not behave as it should. I am tired of watching crops getting ruined by the lack or or sudden pouring of rains. I am tired of watching people die because of all the floods and droughts, storms and tsunami. I am really tired.

The effects of, if it exists, global warming are pretty saddening.  I had decided I won’t take the risk of ruining what has been a pretty wonderful place to live. I will do whatever I can for that and have already started that by thinking about it.

After all I don’t want to end up telling my grandchildren, “Once there were seasons and climate changed with them”. And I surely don’t want any one to end like this.

Global Warming

PS: This is my attempt to put my views on climate change and participate with thousand others in Blog Action Day.

One Fine Morning…

Incidents wait for a perfect time to pounce on you, especially the bad ones. One such incident pounced on him too. One fine morning, it was.

Alike any normal day, he woke fully throttled up, with a hope for fruitful work at office. He rushed through the daily chores, preparing himself for the regular grinding sessions. However there was a tinge of excitement within him today. Surprised as he was with his full on enthu to reach office, a thought brushed his mind, ” something new, something good is about to happen today”. He knew today was, in someway, special.

He jumped into the office bus, just to get further surprised. Usually crowded, the bus welcomed him today to free spaces. He chose the best among the window seats. Clouds had already swarmed the Bangalore skies, further elevating his pleasant mood. “Something is surely in the air today”, he thought.

Whole day he yearned for the change he was sensing from the morning. However except for the persistent clouds, nothing indeed was pleasing him. He had a pretty workless day, which he hardly abhorred. But something was missing. He knew that, he felt that.

And then, on the verge of he giving up on any hope for the welcome change, it loomed, loomed through the hazy weather. He was introduced to the One. He was informed that One would be bossing him now onwards. The first few sentences from the One and he knew this was the change he has been desiring for. Fully impressed he was with the One’s fluent and vast knowledge flow. Fully impressed he was with the One’s sensitiveness for a person’s goals. Fully impressed he was with the One’s clarity of thoughts. Fully impressed he was with the One.

Few chats later an invitation was thrown at him, ” Join me for a smoke. Will you?” And that is how it all started. The incident had pounced on him, he though remained unaware. It all started one morning, one fine morning…


PS: All character are fictitious, resemblance to anyone is completely coincidental.