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I am planning to roll out some changes to my blog. I fear there would be many things that would be broken. Most importantly, soon, the RSS feed may not work. So if you are following me via my RSS feed, you might miss my posts. If you do, please resubscribe in a few days.

I am not yet sure how can I live without the quick draft. I need this option so bad. When I have a thought, I want to put it out.

I am surprised there aren’t more television sets that support Bluetooth to pair the headsets. Why do I have to decide if I want the larger screen or immersive sound? There are times when I want to watch a movie on the larger screen, but alone without disturbing others.

At times I wonder..

Why do I make things complicated for myself? Why can’t I keep it very simple? There is no need to spend too much time on fighting or working on something that’s not perfect or not exactly the way you want it to be. But it is manageable. Why is manageable not ok for me?

Being satisfied with manageable saves so much time, so much energy. Why do I then waste the time unnecessarily working on finding a solution which anyway won’t be perfect? Sure, may be it would good enough for me. Is that what I want? Manageable, but on my terms? Yep. Absolutely.

I have decided I will learn to live with manageable. At least, attempt to. Somethings are just not worthy enough to spend too much energy to get them perfectly to your liking.

Only a child’s mind can dream up a multiplayer game of Marble Run by stitching Jenga and playing cards together. The family had an evening full of some brilliantly close races!

The only way for you to Indiewebify your WordPress blog is to subscribe to a business plan? That can’t be right because that plan’s not cheap. #indieweb

Can I reset my resolutions that I started the year 2020 with? I didn’t get my full quota of 12 months to royally mess them up like I do every year.

Absolutely loved, loved Onward. Such a simple story, but told with so much affection, so much heart. Pixar is a master at weaving stories around families you start caring about just in 90 minutes of runtime. Exciting action. Brilliant drama. Had a lump in my throat at the end.

With the whole world with their faces behind masks, I’m surprised not enough energy is spent yet on finding ones that let you keep your spectacles on. I’ve tried 3 different types of masks till now and all make my spectacles go foggy just through my breathing. Can’t be just me.

NYTimes decision to publish an opinion very clearly unfit leaves me uneasy. The publications need not lend a platform for all voices through their editorials; they need not publish all opinions. You need selection/edits – that’s why they are called Editorials”.