I also binge-watched the complete final season of The Good Place. I didn’t like it at all – such a disappointing finale for a brilliant series overall. With unnecessary blabbering and too much of gyan, it just went downhill with each episode. About an hour-long final one was a drag – half-an-hour too long, maybe. I wonder which are the shows that have a timely, yet brilliant end – where once it’s done, you go, “Is that over? So soon?” The Newsroom?


mjdescy says:

@amit I liked the final episode a lot more in retrospect but didn’t love it when I first saw it. I thought the writing peaked in season 2 and fell into late-show decline (new characters…why?) in season 4. I was such a huge fan of it, though, even as it was going slowly downhill toward the end.

amit says:

@mjdescy my biggest problem with the last episode was that it just didn’t hold my attention. I knew what was about to happen and they expected me to sit through for an hour still. All said I did enjoy the series overall, I just expected a better end to it.

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