Prompts help me write - this last month has reinforced this belief of mine. It’d helped me when I was writing more fictions as response to weekly prompts. However, it also made me realise that writing daily and freely doesn’t come naturally to me.

It was a dark lane, darkened further by a fluctuating street lamp. The pedestrian found it curious how it wasn’t the darkness, but the undependable light that made him queasy. A stay dog sensed his uneasiness, considered a bark, but gave a dull yawn. A sigh passed the dog by.

The masks can’t mask the ugliness of one’s soul. In that sense, it is absolutely transparent.

I just watched Ocean’s Twelve - such a silly, illogical film. Absolutely disappointed again, the dilemma now is should I watch the prequel first or the sequel. I would want to keep the interest in the trilogy intact. So maybe lesser the better.

It’s refreshing to see some one-day cricket action back with two strong teams in India and Australia competing. Australia is a lot stronger team on paper with some good specialists and effective all rounders 🏏

And I see there are fans on ground, not sure how I feel about that.

It’s pretty obvious that one adjusts those knobs that they control. So isn’t it better to adjust one’s expectations than another’s behavior?

At the same time, adjusting one’s expectations isn’t akin to adjusting with someone. The later should never call for changing oneself.

I find it curious that I often think better clear when my mind is full of thoughts. I am edgy with an empty mind.

So when I am edgy, I read more. When I read more, I tend to get my mind filled with thoughts.

When I think more, I write more - I want to analyse my thoughts, judge them. I’ve realized I do that better when I’m reading.

In short, I like to read my thoughts. So I write.

Here’s a theory, iPads and MacBooks would some day (not too far away, too) run the same operating system, not just operating systems with the same core. They would just be two form factors. The unification has already started with macOS Big Sur, anyway.

There are very few people that love their blogs, and talk about their setup with more affection than Dave Winer. He keeps updating small things here and there and talks about it frequently. The genuineness with which he expresses his triumphant happiness is praiseworthy.

The New York Times Sells Envy

[E]nvy and ingratitude sell, so Manjoo gets to misrepresent data, twist facts, and sow resentment in the paper of record.

The world would be so much simpler, calmer if the only way to communicate with others was to call them. No thumbs-up. No likes. No broadcast. No megaphone. No ranting in a void.

It would also be a world with lesser, but a lot closer and stronger connections.

In India, there are set of stores called provision stores - they are commonly seen in every locality. It was only when I moved outside of India later that I realised the use of the word is not common in other countries. For me, that name best reflects what the store stands for.

To Let it Out

You’ve been through a lot this year and it looks like you need the perfect place to let your frustrations out. Somewhere big, vast and untouched. (…) Record your scream and we’ll release it in Iceland’s beautiful, wide-open spaces.

What unique idea that!

All forms of art have potential to capture even intricate aspects of our world. A still photo can capture a moment, a memory, an emotion. Even motion. So can music. A painting. Or a movie.

That’s why I respect artists. Because they can capture the essence of our life.

When Computers Were Cool

[T]here isn’t, today, an equivalent of the SGI Indy, or the Sun SPARCstation, or the DEC Alpha, or any of the other professional workstations. The only thing that’s on offer is more of the same user experience, only slightly faster. That’s why computers are so boring these days.

I read the word Border and first thing that comes to my mind is the 1997 iconic film that I’d watched on the verge of turning a teenager. It, for a long time, defined what a war movie is and had a song that describes the pain of a soldier better than any movie ever could.

Why’s there still no TV show around Harry Potter universe? I would love know a lot more about some brilliant characters. And species. In different genres. Like give me a sitcom on house-elves. I would watch that any day. There’s so much scope for fantastic stories.

I love winters because I love sweaters. Nothing can beat the comfort that a warm, cosy sweater lends on a chilly winter morning. Simple pleasures!

As the day fades away into the darkness, so does my hope of ending the day with a few items from my to-do (mostly a to-read/to-write) list ticked off. Such have been the last few festive months - it’s time now to slow down a little.

The statement “it’s not possible” is incomplete if not associated with either a subject or time. More often than not, it’s both. Generally, what’s not said but is implicit is “..for me, yet”.

Apple’s dependence on Intel is about to end, I guess? Or may be not for pros? One never know what’s being tested in the secret labs.

I drove to my native village today - a trip that I took a lot many times by a passenger train as a child. The travel was tiring, took hours and usually ended with a bullock cart ride as it got dark around. The drive was comfortable today, but the travel wasn’t as much fun.

Memories, happy & sad - something I never knew staying stuck at home would ever form. The pandemic has enlightened me. Exotic locations are optional - one just need to feel inside.

In a galaxy far far away, there is a beacon being launched in search of life on other planets. They are launched often.

We call them shooting stars 🌠

One man’s spooky is another man’s adornment.

One man’s spooky is another man’s prosthetic.

At times..

One man’s spooky is another man’s art! O_o