My writing halts when my reading pauses. It’s frustrating to see the thoughts sit in the corners of mind. I want to bring them out, the inertia pushes it down.

Curious, was Goodreads recently hacked or something? There are random likes from my account to random folks’ updates - scheduled every half an hour. And same the other way round, I am receiving notifications from random folks. I am worried for how long has this been going on.

The technology coverage across portals is so boring - The Verge, Engadget all included. Most bits are fed by the companies and so the writeups read as PR. Even when they publish something exclusive, it’s those companies pushing the narrative. Or it’s meaningless rumour.

I am in that state of mind where any book over 400 pages gets an instant rejection from me. I just can’t read them through and through. I know the books that I have enjoyed the most over the years have been long, but recently I dread them.

I love these peaceful few moments every morning when I pause, sit back and relax. Looking out to the greens spread out in front of my porch. Bird chirping, cooing amongst those branches - a green maze yet untouched by the human atrocities. A cool morning breeze gliding against my body.

All I do is focus my mind to nothingness - a soft focus, no thoughts, no plans. The regularities the life serves can wait. Not for long, of course. But I breathe my calmest breaths in these short moments.

Science is mercilessly murdered on WhatsApp groups.

So am logged into Clubhouse app now. What next? I think this service has one of the worst first login experience. Nothing I see there is interesting. Again, possibly audio is a costly medium to get in and out of?

I finally stopped reading The Guest List. A quarter in and not hooked yet to any character’s plot, I just couldn’t go any longer. It became tiring. I also didn’t enjoy the shifting view point across 4-5 characters. Interesting, but put me off every single time.

What’s the farthest you go into reading a book before you decide it just isn’t for you? I am a quarter into one and am still not hooked. I won’t continue anymore - it was only it’s high ratings that made me come this far. But no more.

Why is Apple TV+ available exclusively on Apple devices? Is is such a big pull towards Apple ecosystem? iMessage, I understand. But not TV+. Isn’t reach important for the shows?

I got overwhelmed looking at the color palette spread across Android 12 via Material You. I have spent minutes just choosing the wallpaper. This much customisation is not for me - I need customisation-as-a-service.

Free beer, money. Free rides to vaccination sites. And the incentives continue to pour in from the administration in US. And then there’s the struggle for vaccine slots in India & other contries.

Faulty, lethargic adminstration? Economic gap? Selfish, mindless leaders? Sure, the reasons are many. But how does one argue with a common man who is convinced it’s an unfair world? That it’s a world where the scales are always tipped towards a richer populace?

I hate binge-watching shows, but I fall for it so often. I like the weekly release of the new episodes. I wish the streaming services forced an episode a day even for released shows. I know they won’t - it impacts their key business metric.

“You can get rid of masks if you are vaccinated” is a faulty message. People are selective listeners. A section might ignore the later part.

How to (Actually) Save Time When You’re Working Remotely

During a time of global crisis, it’s healthy to prioritize relaxation, and it’s natural that we might struggle to maximize productivity at work. But as we return to semi-normalcy, what can we do to ensure we use our time savings to pursue meaningful activities that make us truly happy?

What’s the recommended Text Expander utilities for Windows and Android? It comes so handy and is another thing I miss from Apple ecosystem. Only one that I’ve come across is Phrase Express.

Before there was Twitter and Facebook and other social media, was there any physical equivalent of likes and reshares. And hashtags? Because these interactions stem from the social instincts of us humans, right?

How crazy is the mind? It already believes mask is the normal attire. Just a thought of seeing people around without masks makes it queasy.

I always struggle giving titles for my regular posts - especially quick thoughts. Sure, if I’m writing a tech post or writing about a specific topic, giving it a title is easy. But forcing title on every post is fiddly. It can never encompass what the post is about.

Look what I got! Thank you, Jean ☺️

Say you are focused, reading something and thoughts keep popping up in your mind. About some stuff that you need to search for or quickly check the status of or need to research on later. Or simply make a note of. What do you do? What’s the quickest way to get back to reading?

I clicked on a link to an article at CBS. As per my defaults, it opened up in Firefox. CBS asked whether it should open in their app or continue in Chrome. Chrome? Is Chrome synonymous to browser now? That can be healthy for the web.

Yahoo, the destroyer

After almost 30 years in business, Yahoo has come to be known as a straight-up villain. [T]he company’s most notable characteristic at this point is “the sheer amount of destruction they’ve done to the historical record.”

Another dimension in games

Ever notice the view is wrong in all first person games that exist today? In reality when we look around our eyes don’t just rotate but actually swing side to side and even up and down. As an example this video shows Skyrim configured for our real vision.

I am surprised that the bike sharing projects are failing. Maybe it’s not tried in proper markets, yet. I remember I rented bicycles very often as a child. No technology, just trust. Sure, the lockdown that pandemic had enforced throughout the world must have had an impact.