We never call anything that’s good ‘content’. Nobody walks out of a movie they loved and says, ‘Wow! What great content!’ Nobody listens to ‘content’ on their way to work in the morning. Do you think anybody ever called Ernest Hemingway a ‘content creator’? If they did, I bet he would punch ‘em in the nose.

Greg Satell


odd says:

@amit Ha! I bet he would!
If you were to accept that a written text is “content”, then you must also accept that it’s only “words”. No story, no plot, no arc, no meaning.

lauralo says:

@amit I’ve worked in digital media my whole career (movie&tv distribution, news) and it’s actually all referred to as content on the business side of things. It does seem like a weird/sterile term to use on the consumer side though.

amit says:

@odd hah! Yeah, which I think they would have no qualms calling them just “words”. For those who think of stories and creative work as “content”, it’s just words which they need to remunerate.

amit says:

@lauralo Yeah, maybe. But these days it has become very common to call every creative (or even something that’s not) work as content. It’s belittling the efforts of creative minds behind.

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