Tired. Bored. Empty-Skulled. I gulped another cup of cappuccino. And on my way back, i just churned my head out to find why do i usually drink coffee/tea.

The mentioned three properties are just few of the ones that make me amble towards the vending machine.  In reality, i feel i don’t need any reason for supping coffee. Earlier it was to make sure, with sleepy patches of time curling over my head, i don’t drivel down the office desk to the ground. But along my stroll through the professional life, the life itself mandated me to sip that muddy liquid each day on specified time. Now is the case that i feel tottery if i don’t drink the coffee at the time prescribed by my life.

I feel my life is getting hold of me. I feel it should be the other way round. I need to do something. I need to think. I need to drink a cup of coffee. But this time its non-prescrbed. Thats the start…

Else the day won’t be long when my situation would be as shown, with coffee howling “You used to gulp me because you wanted to. Stop gulping me because you have to”


ron says:

Hi Amit~

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Hey…I love the photo you used for this post.


It’s funny you talked about coffee in this post, because last month, I actually wrote a post about coffee too!

God…for me, it’s like “life-force” – I need that first cup in the morning to live! I’m not a huge drinker of coffee, but I do enjoy two cups a day.

Two HUGE cups!

Sachin says:

Hi Amit,

Nice post ….. liked the snap very much ….very relevant one!!


Amit says:


Thanks for the comment.

Yep true that coffee is indeed becoming the ‘life-force’ for almost everyone. Wish a day doesn’t dawn when i see a “Coffee donation camp” 😀

Amit says:


Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting buddy 🙂

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