I just watched Hamilton and am left breathless — what an experience this was. I’m so glad that Disney decided to release it digitally worldwide so that the people world over can witness the extravaganza. There were so many moments when I was singing and swaying along or sitting stunned in my seat mesmerized. No doubt, the live experience would be many-fold grander. But there’s no chance in hell I would get to see this show live ever. At least, I can appreciate now why it is praised so much by anyone who has been lucky to experience this live.

I never knew I would enjoy a Broadway Musical so much. This makes me wonder what else have I missed. Are there any such great shows that are available to stream? I do want to explore and watch more from this form of art too.


patrickrhone says:

@amit I saw it live with this cast and, while viewing it like this was not like being there, in man ways it was nice to see the details one can’t possible notice otherwise (closeups on facial expressions, etc.).

Amit Gawande says:

Yeah, at many moments I wanted the camera to pan out and let me see all that was playing out on the stage. It must be a brilliant experience. We can’t appreciate the setting, the lighting, the costumes, the sound and the choreography so closed up. I can imagine it all synced so well, wish I could also see that all. But, I am not complaining.

I am SO JEALOUS! I would have gladly paid for the return airfare, hotel accommodation and the theatre tickets to see the original cast!

patrickrhone says:

@amitgawande.com I actually said to my wife after we left the theater that I’d pay just watch the lighting. It was next level.

I saw #Hamilton in London in 2018 and it was SUPERB! This though, was even more electrifying! AMAZING #HamiltonFilm


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