HEY has me conflicted

I paused at that last word in the title. I was so close to writing “hooked”. But then I thought have they really sold the promise yet? No doubt, they are close. But, it’s not a done deal yet.

Why is this service so enticing though? I mean it’s just an email service. I don’t even use the email that much. So why do I keep going back to HEY? It has got something to do with their promise. Of making me care even less for the email.

Every now and then I visit the “Screened Out” section to see all the mails I would have seen had I been using any other email app. And it is a mess in there. These emails never get filtered out with my existed setup. I am tired of setting all the filters in Gmail. It just doesn’t work efficiently. Junk emails always end up reaching my inbox.

This hasn’t been the case with HEY. Because they have decided on a sane default – everything screened out if not allowed earlier.

We ask every software to side with “opt-in” for every marginal aspect — something that would split their users on whether they accept it or not. Why can’t expect the same from our email service too?

And I haven’t even gotten used to all the other features that I think are potential game-changers that many others have well documented.

  • I have merged and renamed the threads — I like the cleaner workflow.
  • I have set aside the emails and marked them to be handled later. I like the idea.
  • I do not like the feed; in its current form, it is almost useless. Is it just there so that I can skim through and ignore?
  • I like the paper trail section. I don’t want to see those emails, but want them handy.
  • I love sticky notes and notes that we can put on emails. Such a simple, but brilliant idea.

However, with all said, I am conflicted. Do I want the clean experience so bad that I am willing to pay the cost? Do the junk email that I have got into the habit of deleting without a second thought bother me so much that I am willing to pay the cost? Can’t I just manually screen-out the emails?

I have about a week to decide.


Nikhil says:

Whats with colour choice for the text?

Nikhil says:

Text on your blog looks light pink and.l not legible on phone

That’s curious. Can you DM the screenshot? Which device are you using?

canion says:

@amit I’ve been trialling Hey but find it more laborious than my current SaneBox setup. I’m making notes on my experience and will write it up soon. But so far, the value proposition isn’t there (for me).

Amit Gawande says:

Maybe the reason I am attracted to HEY is that I have no setup of any form for email. I use Gmail — so I guess I am exactly the right targeted user for HEY?

philly says:

@canion I also am on my trial for HEY, and am very much in agreement with @amit about The Feed not being fully there for me, but loving notes and the simplicity it’s offering so far. It’s very 1.0, as the Basecamp crew have rightfully acknowledged, but I can see the potential and like how much of a paradigm shift it proposes.

bix says:

@philly I don’t really have a way to test The Feed without subscribing to a bunch of stuff, but I’ve been skeptical just from the demos. It’s not useful to me to have everything semi-open like that; I judge what I’m opening to read at any given time by skimming subject lines.

philly says:

@bix That’s a great point; it would be nice to have a toggle to show just titles (also my preference) or show the semi-opened message. It’s definitely awkward to scroll, especially if you get quite a few of them. Oddly enough, the ‘screened out’ section is quite a bit better at showing just that type of view. My main quibble there is that there’s no easy to view a message from the screened out section then jump right back to that list if needed, and it’d also been nice to selectively move one message from there elsewhere, without having to screen in the sender. What I do love is that there’s no real concept of unread messages beyond the main inbox (okay, Imbox; I get the theory there but it’s definitely not yet part of my personal lexicon).

Daitya says:

It’s a neat take on email for sure, I am liking it so far as well. Miss an Archive like feature though to move my seen emails out of sight, but available with a search. Gmail muscle memory I guess.

Yeah, even I have searched for that archive button hidden somewhere many times. I guess I will have to get over that habit if am to use the service. Anyway, I have realised it filters most of the unwanted ones as screened out. So there’s really not much need to archive and hide.

rishabh says:

@amit It seems like you are trying to justify moving to HEY even when your right brain clearly wants you to move to it. 🙂

amit says:

@rishabh Yeah, I know, right? But its way too costly. I wish it had a monthly subscription plan — I could let the attraction of the shiny thing wear off a lot cheaper.

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