Switching lives…

Yesterday i had quite a random dream. Random indeed it was. For the most part of it i was pretty happy about what i was experiencing. And suddenly i went blank. I would say the dream went blank. Making me befuddled. Completely perplexed. Full of queries, queries for myself to answer. But before i get into the dream itself, let me blabber my views on dreams in general.

Dreams are angels. Yes, they have the power to make you experience the bests and worsts of your life at the same time. Indeed we experience the dreams, not just see them. How else can you explain your turning, jumping, twisting, crawling, grawling in the sleep. We are experiencing the event, the dream. I myself have woken up thanking god for turning whatever i experienced into a dream. And then there are those times when i just put myself to sleep again, just to experience what remained incomplete, unexperienced.

Further, the dreams are mutable portkeys. I feel i change lives in dreams. Butterfly effect you can say. But there one can decide if he wants to change his life. Here i don’t. It all depends on my other self, the dreaming threaded me. If he wants me there, i go. Otherwise i just lay here, wake up and continue.

Details. Two threads, if dreaming together, show how the life each is experiencing. We exchange both the positives and negatives. Yes, if you notice, each dream comprises of both goods and bads. We experience some scenes of that life, both happened and yet to happen. Yucks and Wows. If both agree to switch, we switch.

Now you see this concept explains a lot of usualities. Take Deja Vu. Yes indeed it is that ‘yet-to-happen’ scene of the life. We experienced it in the dream before we made the shift. Those jerky wake ups. May be the other self just slapped me for spending such sucking life. Or may be i did it to him for his sucking life. Roaming with unknowns. Yes, you don’t afterall expect two me’s having the same set of friends. Those long nights can be the result of just a mismatch between timings of two threads. Same goes for the short nights.

I will stop. Remove your thinking caps and plunge into the dreamland with the view. You might find quite a few interesting answers.

Anyways back to my dream i dreamed yesterday. I dreamed i was a singer, i was singing well. (Ok, i never said the other me has to be “me”ish. He can indeed me quite contradictory to who i am right?) Audience were happy. I saw my struggle. I saw my first assignment. I was watching myself happy. I watched all the happy me’s. Nothing bad. No yucks. And suddenly it was blank. I don’t remember something like this happening earlier. The dreams changed. The places changed. I woke up suddenly. But it never happened that the dream turned blank, with me facing eternity full of whiteness.

Puzzled, I lay there, closed eyed and open minded, waiting for something to happen. But all in vain. Blank. Whiteness everywhere. Finally i woke up and tottered my way along … With mind full of questions. Unanswered question.


ron says:

Hi Amit~

I really like the idea about “two threads.”

I never thought of dreams that way, but your right…it IS as if there’s two threads being woven in our dreams.

I also like the idea of dreams being portkeys through which we maybe enter a portal of “all time”…past, present and future happening simultaniously.

I too have dreamt of singing. And I always associated it with communication and creativity, for some reason.

Enjoyed this post!

Amit Gawande says:

Thanks a lot Ron for the comment. Yes dreams always have puzzled me with all why’s and how’s they push in my mind.

It was high time to give those puzzles a face and hence the post.

Thanks again for stopping by bud. Its always good to see you.

matt says:

now that i think about it i think ths has happened to me once before in a dream… well at the time it was a nightmare.
there was this witch and a twin just like her. then the witch on the left turned into a beast and made a creepy nose and ran off very fast, like a demon or whatnot. the other which was standing at the door of a cottage. i was scared shtless i couldn’t even speak. and then everything disappeared but not at the same time, first the witch in the background, then my friend in front of me, then it was blank, and after that woke up.

just thought i’d share that. dreams are mysterious.

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