Finally, I have completed a pretty tricky exercise that I had started about a couple of weeks back. It wasn’t tricky because I wanted to move my website to a different platform. It was tricky because I wanted to do it cleanly. I wanted to retain as many things that worked well for me as I could. I didn’t want to break much that was core.

So, after days of experiments and trial runs, and notes and list of reviewed to-dos, I’ve managed to switch to WordPress. I will note down why someday – one short, but big reason though is editing. I am tired of working custom solutions with Blot — it’s a great service, no doubt. But you need to love your files a lot. I am currently not in that phase.

Anyway, as intended, the core is retained. The links are (hopefully 🤞) not broken. #IndieWeb support was a must, have stitched that in. The option to switch to a dark theme was a must. A simple reading experience was a must. I’ve managed to get good writing experience too. So, times now to sit back and relax.

Do let me know if see anything that’s not working well. I won’t mind if you also let me know if everything’s working fine.


@amit At first glance the new site looks good, clean and clear.

Amit Gawande says:

Thank you, David. That was exactly the intension. Glad it came through 👍

maique says:

@amit It does look clean. God job, sir.

Amit Gawande says:

Thank you! Started with a clean base, and intended to keep it that way 👍🏼🙂

pratik says:

@amit What?! Back to WordPress? You were the last person I would’ve expected to ditch Blot and go back to WordPress.

Amit Gawande says:

Yeah, even I wasn’t sure till about a week back. But as I said, I was just tired of getting custom for myself — working things out myself. And the biggest pain point was I didn’t want to look for that one editor every time I wanted to write. Or edit. WordPress was an easy decision then.

bix says:

@amit I love the sun/moon effect of the mode switcher.

Amit Gawande says:

Thank you, Bix. However, can’t take the full credit for that. Referred to a couple of guides and themes that supported dark mode. Got it working to my liking.

colinwalker says:

@amit Looking good, and I’ll echo @bix – the sun/moon for day/night mode is a nice touch. Yes, WordPress can be heavy and clunky but it still has a lot going for it and the ecosystem is deep. Glad the move went well.

Amit Gawande says:

Thank you, Colin. I spent a good couple of weeks experimenting with WordPress. I had long stopped using it as a platform. So just wanted to make sure I am ok with baggage. I am ok with that after all, because the pros are many. Completely agree with you. Stable and ecosystem are a huge advantage.

amit says:

@pratik Oh didnt I mention? I self-hosted the instance. .com was too limiting for my itchy mind 😬

pratik says:

@amit Nice. So you did go the whole hog. Yeah, if you really wanna tweak it to your heart’s content, custom hosting is the way to go. I used to host at Tiger Tech. Excellent hosting service.

I hear ya about writing on the spur of the moment or even editing it. Blot unfortunately can be limiting that way. I’m still trying to find the sweet spot between convenience and control.

amit says:

@cygnoir @cheri Thank you Cheri, Halsted! 👍🏼🙂

cdevroe says:

@amit I was wondering why I got some new webmentions/pingbacks!

Amit Gawande says:

Oh, I didn’t realize that would happen. Extremely sorry for the flood of webmentions. Wonder if I could have avoided them in some manner?


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