I need to stop treating the weekends as special. I stay up late on the night before, ergo I get up late. I am getting more lone time, I convince myself. I have now realized that’s not the case. The late nights can give me some hours when all are asleep. But I enjoy the early mornings much more.

I am fresh, I can sit and relax with calmness surrounding me. No one’s awake. Not in my house or on the outside. The only “noise” is the crickets in the dark, busy with their routine; that calms me.

I get to hear the nature wake itself up to the rising dawn. I need not plug my ears to shut out any distracting sounds. Every sound is stimulating; I read better, I write better. As someone who gets distracted by the slightest of the noises, that’s also the best time to get into a meditative state, something I am trying to do daily now.

My habit of treating weekends as different from the regular work days has been ruining the routine that keeps me freshest throughout the day.


amit says:

I followed my suggestion – even on a Saturday, I went to bed early. It’s 5:30 AM on Sunday and I’ve already woken up, to the calming (and the only) “noise” of the crickets chirping in the dark outside. Just like any other normal day. It feels good.

amit says:

@chaitanya True. However, the noise is back again. The hustle-bustle of the delivery boys, the monotonous rumble from the construction sites, the horns (though occasional), the chatters – all seem to be back, active. The nature’s voice in the day is getting lost again.

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