Words on this site are penned by me, Amit Gawande. I have a mind full of thoughts —  I occasionally pour them as non-fiction. I also have a mind full of stories —I  occasionally serve them as short fiction.

I am a software developer by profession, and interest, working at & living in Pune, India. This website records my take on things I read and my observations on happenings around me.

I am a casual blogger who’s love for blogging started in early 2007. I was at my productive writing best during 2009-10. I penned down my observations, often in a sarcastic tone, about the stuff that pains me in every-day life.

I also am a technology enthusiast who likes to keep a tab on advances in the technology world, especially the smartphones industry. News around and products from Apple, the company, interest me the most as I relate to their quest for perfectionism and design.

I have recently realised my passion for writing fiction, thanks mainly to Medium. What has helped me the most is amazing writing community I follow there and some awesome publications I have been part of. Fiction allows me to kindle the creative section of my heart, which I had locked down, unintentionally, due to the hectic work-life. Medium as a platform could not have arrived at a better time.

I am also a big music buff; you will rarely see me without headphones on. So don’t hesitate to tap my shoulder before talking to me, as simple calling may not help.

This site is hosted with WordPress. The overall look and feel is themed by me to match my likings from the port of a light-weight theme, Davis. And of course, I have open-sourced my changes too, available here at GitHub.

Outside of work, I am:

  • Listening to audiobooks/music/podcasts
  • Reading articles/eBooks
  • Playing with my daughter

Music I like:

  • Acoustic
  • Soft rock
  • Sufi

People I idolize:

  • Sachin Tendulkar – For the dedication in work and the humbleness in behavior
  • Steve Jobs – For the passion for perfection and the clarity of thoughts
  • Roger Federer – For the craftsmanship and the love of family

Apps I use the most:

  • Tweetbot (twitter)
  • Kindle + Pocket Instapaper + Feedly
  • Audible + Music Spotify + Overcast PocketCasts

Top sites in my Browser History: